Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Merci Bien!

A big THANK YOU to our most recent donors!
  • Joey and Sue Samoy
  • Joe Hernandez
  • Dolores Perez
  • Steven Benavidez
  • Max and Barbara Ragsdale & Family
  • Robert and Mary Perez & Family
  • Wendy's Corporation
  • Paolo Presta
We still have ways to go until A Note to Etienne is financed, so please support the film and its filmmakers and make a donation. Remember, every contribution is tax-deductible. So technically, you're lending the film a certain donation, and Uncle Sam is paying you back in April.

Donations of $500 or greater accredits you as an Executive Producer. That's IMDB, baby! ;) (P.S. If you help raise $500 or more from multiple sources (near and far), you get the Executive Producer's credit since you're, well, producing!)