Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Festivals, Grants... Et Plus!

As you’re probably aware, us on the A Note to Etienne team have been MIA lately. No, we haven’t abandoned you. We would never! We’re actually playing double-duty by handling Etienne’s festival distribution while in post-production on another short – A Boy’s Life (visit the website for more information & to be part of the action).

As for Etienne – we have exciting news! We’ve been selected to receive the Patron of the Arts film grant to continue to aid us with Festival Submissions! This means we’re prepared and ready to enter the second leg of festivals and get this short film out there for people to see. Thank you so much to everyone at POTA for this amazing donation. This will definitely help us move forward and show people the hard work we all put into this film.

Most importantly, thank you to everyone who 'liked', voted, and spread the word for this competition. It definitely couldn't have been done without your help! THANK YOU!

Stay tuned for more news as we continue the festival circuit! Please check out our other film’s website and spread the word.

Onward and Upwards!