Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Location - Amorette's House

In my opinion, finding the perfect location is on par of finding the perfect cast – it takes time, patience, and be prepared to see a lot of duds. However, the search for Amorette’s apartment was much simpler than anticipated. In fact, a friend who recently moved to Los Angeles suggested their place and it just so happened it was perfect. Below are the location scout photos of Amorette’s pad. (Special thanks to Tom Erickson and Kendall Anlian)

The Outside: This house was apparently made in the late 1800's and survived many refurnishes. Like Amorette, this house embodies so much character and personality.

The Entry Way: The green struck me upon entering - it was like being in a different country. Amorette's the type of girl who'd paint every room a different color. Another huge plus, almost every room of the house had a gorgeous chandelier.

The Living Room: When scavenging for the perfect location, it was extremely fortunate to find a space w/ natural light and big windows. DP Jorge Urbina approved - the wooden floors and wide-open space also didn't hurt.

The Dining Room: Another chandelier, another great room. For Amorette's dining scene, it was important to find a space that wasn't completely devoid of personality since the scene's supposed to be light and inviting -- much like the color on the walls.

The Bathroom: This is how we'll be introducing Etienne (yes, through a bathroom). I love this point-of-view aspect and linoleum tile.

The Bedroom: My favorite room of the entire house. This room screams Amorette and embodies her character so much. Everything from the chandelier, the wooden floors, the wall colors and orange blinds -- simply amazing.

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