Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Location - Park

Finding a park that's remotely interesting and fits the "look" we had in mind was actually quite the task. However, finding the park wasn't the most difficult part. Finding it was easy. It was figuring out how we were going to stage the scene that caused the most confusion. Since I really wanted a location that was adjacent to trees while Amorette rested on a bench, we had to intricately adjust the frame and blue print a plan for the camera movement. Here's the location we scouted. I'm confident, during principal photography, we'll answer the aforementioned concerns satisfactorily.

The Park: I really love how much character this park has. Everything from the unique trees, to the plush grass, to the wooden bridge. I loved it at first sight and can't wait to shoot there!

UPDATE: The Park location has been scrapped for a lovelier setting. The exterior of the house which is just as exquisite, and much less costly.

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