Thursday, January 7, 2010

Meet the Crew - Volume 3

Meet the Camera Operator

Raphe Wolfgang graduated with a BFA in Media Arts in 2004 and has since lived in Los Angeles, where he works as a freelance videographer and various crew positions. In 2010 Raphe will be furthering his career in the entertainment industry by directing his own projects. Raphe was raised in Arizona where he developed an eye for photography at an early age, he has been practicing his craft ever since.

Meet the 1st AC

Jonathan Helms began his career as a photographer and cameraman while in community college in St. Louis, Missouri. Having worked often in narrative series with his still images, he chose to enroll in the film program at Southern Illinois University when it came time to pursue his Bachelor's. He worked as both a director and a cinematographer on his films at SIUC before graduating in May of 2009. After graduation he moved to Los Angeles where he works as a First Camera Assistant and a Director of Photography.

Meet the Gaffer

Brian Patrick Carroll was born into the royal family of San Diego which proved to be quite the privileged childhood. Growing tired of such a lifestyle Brian decided to become a farmer in Humboldt County where he also earned a BA in Theatre Arts. However; all goods things must come to end, and he left the great high north to find himself in the middle of the drama ridden OC where he attended Chapman University. Spending a quick three years there Brian left Orange county after earning an MFA in film production. Now living in LA, Brian has long forgotten his noble upbringing and finds himself just above the starving artist status in the social ladder, being only a hungry artist.

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