Friday, April 17, 2009


Amorette, an analytical and seemingly expressive 24-year-old girl, places herself in front of her camcorder.  She maintains a fidgety disposition under the dim half-light above her bed.   She begins leaving a message to her boyfriend, Etienne.  It’s difficult to convey, but she explains that their love has become disconnected -- a realization that sparked on October 12th, 2006 at exactly 12:36 a.m.

We flash back to that exact moment.  Amorette is awaken from her sleep from a piercing sound, which feels like Niagara Falls crashing through her eardrums.  However, after further investigation, she realizes it is Etienne urinating.  Thereafter, simple instances such as eating breakfast and watching television became ticking time bombs of irritation about to explode.

At dinner with Etienne, Amorette’s irritation becomes overshadowed by grief – by sadness.  How could something that was once so great suddenly just disappear?  She continues to analyze this relationship.  Through the resurge of all of the bad memories, she begins to recall wonderful memories they shared.  She remembers conversations they had surrounding marriage, romantic nights they spent together, and joyous moments spent at amusement parks.

 As she continues leaving her video note, she realizes that love can change shapes and forms – continuously transforming into something completely different, or unexpected.  Amorette’s eyes begin to tear up as she says her final goodbye to Etienne.  She reaches to turn off the camera before her final statement: Je n'oublierai jamais les choses qui m'ont fait sourire autrefois.  Which translates to, “I’ll never forget the things that once made me smile”.  Amorette turns off the camcorder.

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  1. I love the synopsis for the film, your description was very visual, I could easily picture the frames in my head.